Welcome to the CrowdScores forum!


Welcome to the CrowdScores community!

Any announcements regarding the app will be posted in this category.

We have some exciting news for users of iOS coming very soon!


I am ABM_ from CrowdScores hello!


Hello Everyone. I am Albion4Ever and as you guys know I support West Brom and I come from Birmingham. Very happy to be here


Alb Say Hi on the Hi Chat


Hello :wave: I am from the Crowdscores community I support Dundalk and Manchester United :wave:my username on CS is


Hello I am RossBarkley_8 from the crowdscores community


I’m Nou, and for some reason this comment has to be 20 characters or more long


Hello. I’m Palace4Ever on cs and I have supported Palace for my entire life.


@_Nou We’ve included this, for now, to prevent people from spamming with short comments. If this is annoying for users we can easily change it.


Bamber Bridge FC fan here, Northern Premier League (Evostik) Div 1 North. Great app just became not so great when this league mysteriously vanidhed from the filtered list about 3 week s ago.


@Henrys_Cat The league should still be accesible via search if you search for NPL Division One North.


It’s Sadioooo here yo


Wheyyyyy👍! I like nice