What must happen in the coming days. R.E: Cardiff City


We are a football family, we might not necessarily agree with each other but we are one huge family. After hearing the news over the last few days of Emiliano Sala’s plane incident, i am urging everyone to show some form of respect to Cardiff City Football Club on the app. These can be little gestures that would go a long way in proving this is the biggest and best football family on the web. If everyone can post a comment in the 28th minute of Cardiff’s next three games saying “Emiliano Sala :blue_heart::pray:” just to show support for the club, the fans, players, staff and everybody connected with the football club. I also want everyone to unite together during this time: no beef or anything like that. If we want to prove we’re the best football family out there then we really have to unite and pull together at times like this.


Respect to all Football fans :blue_heart::pray: