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Apparently it’s really bad for Android users


Ah I really don’t like this new iOS update. Why is my pfp stuck on the one from 2 weeks ago? And why can’t I see my comments and likes? Please sort this out :slight_smile:


@Stylo We’re working on all those things!


cs is good atm, just need to get rid of the spammers


@Sadioooo Good to hear and we’re working to eradicate spam. In the meantime, if you see anyone guilty of persistent spamming please let us know.


@sarge Isaw some wrongdoing on Crowdscores.Screenshot_2018-03-21-17-26-34-1


I’ll keep an eye on it.


Almost the 1 year ago. Wow


So i was bored and decided to watch all the toy story movies and that scene made me cry man